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"Tout objectif sans plan n'est qu'un souhait." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Have a Sweet job

SweetApp Entreprise is your professional network based on modern and benevolent management, dedicated to the well-being in the company. Enjoy a fast, easy and secure communication tool available on mobile anywhere in the world.


Build trust and promote team cohesion.


Combine the positivity and motivation of your employees with the performance of your company


Establish the free recognition and the valuation of the person, value the image of your company.


Increase the performance of your business.

We all face STRESS in our work. Relational difficulties and lack of consideration are frequently mentioned by employees.

52% of employees are concerned,

24% of them suffer from hyper stress at a level dangerous for their health.36% of French people have already experienced a burnout. 56% cite pressure at work and management problems as key triggers (source:OMS).

And the company in all this?

Suffering at work costs the global economy $ 1 trillion a year in lost productivity. 140 billion dollars for Europe. The social cost of occupational stress in France is estimated at between 2 and 3 billion euros per year (source:INRS).These depression and anxiety disorders put the employer and the economy at a 30% higher toll than other health problems.

Opt for the well-being of your teams.

Several studies show that well-being at work increases business performance by 10%.

Contribute to your success

- Establish the valuation of the person.
- Use free gratitude.
- Promote the ritual by digital.

Use the different features that SweetApp Entreprise offers

Thanks to our new innovative and powerful tool, your company will work in peace.


The SweetApp Enterprise tool

The well-meter

Measure the well-being of your employees and stay attentive to its evolution.

Charity in business

And if solidarity rhymed with simplicity!


Schedule Lili as you wish, our automate 100% good vibes


Your SweetApp network

Use this network to create a link and foster communication.


Interest your employees in the choices of your company.

The Wow

Set up the free recognition and valuation of the person.

The repercussions for the company

The well-being of employees, their enthusiasm, their fulfillment contributes to the increase of the company's performance.
The daily benefits are considerable, namely:

Performance - Efficiency

Positivity - Motivation

Loyalty – Attraction

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